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Time for a (re)vision? New Offerings Cater to Interventional Cardiologists’ Preferences

Available for more than five years now, GE’s Innova* 2100IQ and 3100IQ fully integrated imaging systems meet a wide range of clinical needs for interventional and diagnostic imaging. They offer excellent image quality, extensive real-time processing, innovative dose management, ease of positioning, improved workflow and image management for excellent clinical versatility without compromise. With all of that to offer, is there still room for improvement?

"Innova is exceptional technology and we’re very proud of it, but we’ll never finish perfecting it. We made some very thoughtful revisions and enhancements to improve the experience of working with Innova,” said Reaz Rasul, General Manager, GE Interventional Systems.

The new Innova IGS 5201and IGS 5301 (Image Guided System) build upon the success of the Innova 2100IQ and 3100IQ respectively with a new high-tech look and feel.

To further enhance the overall Innova IGS experience, GE is introducing a new 56” diameter all-in-one large display monitor1,2 that lets users see the information how, where and when they want it based on a large choice of predefined layouts. This single, configurable, high-resolution display is on a movable boom and offers 16 inputs to support relevant data required during IC procedures. Users have access to more than 120 pre-defined layouts, can enlarge small anatomic details and can customize layouts according to procedure or their personal preferences by type of data, position on the screen, and image size. Layout selection is accessible at tableside and fully integrated into the Innova Central Unit touch screen.

“Today’s busy cath labs are used for a variety of procedures and by different doctors. Layout preferences vary by procedure and by doctor, so fast and easy changes to layouts, whether during the procedure or between procedures, is important,” said Rasul.

GE is also offering a new solution to help support device localization and guidance during structural heart procedures. Innova HeartVision1 fuses in real time 2D X-ray images and 3D models, such as the 3D cardiac model, from multiple modalities. Innova HeartVision can be synchronized with ECG gating and can compensate for some small patient motion throughout the procedure for quality treatment. Innova HeartVision can reduce procedure time and dose, and increase physician confidence by providing the visual tools to make challenging interventions more accessible.

Timed with these offerings, GE is introducing a procedure-driven approach to its clinical application packages. Customers can choose from packages specially designed for common IC procedures, such as PCI, structural heart, peripherals and pediatrics.


1 Is not CE marked and cannot be placed on the EU market/put into service until such a device gets its CE mark. Additionally cannot be marketed (including advertising and promotions) in Spain and Belgium. Cannot be marketed (including advertising and promotions) in countries where market authorization is required and not yet obtained. Refer to your Sales representative.
* Innova is a trademark of the General Electric Company.