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Patient Comfort Drives Design and Development of NEW MRI Systems

Patient expectations of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have shifted in recent years, as people have begun demanding a more comfortable scanning experience.

New “wide bore” MRI systems accommodate patients who are usually difficult to scan, such as obese, claustrophobic, elderly or very young patients, or those who are in pain and require a larger imaging system. Doctors may reduce exam times and scan large anatomies with fewer scans, compared to previous generation systems. 

For an MR system, a wide-bore is ideal for patient comfort and adapting to varying needs; however, until now, wide-bore MR has been challenged to maintain image quality and productivity, comparable to that of smaller-bore systems.

Watch this video in which Dr. Dana Mukarami, Medical Director at St. Rose Dominican Hospital in Henderson, Nevada, explains how his hospital addresses the scanning needs of obese and claustrophobic patients without compromising image quality.