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Cook County Turns the Volume Up on Patient Safety


Cook County Health & Hospitals System (CCHHS) has announced today that they have become the newest member of the GE Patient Safety Organization (GE PSO), in an effort to continue their increased emphasis on a culture of patient safety.

Established earlier this year, the GE PSO is helping healthcare providers in their efforts to improve patient safety by collecting and analyzing event data, pinpointing causal factors contributing to risk and fostering collaboration within a community to mitigate those risks. The CCHHS joins the GE PSO alongside two community hospitals in the Chicagoland area, 13 Hospitals in Rhode Island, 10 of which are associated with the Hospital Association of Rhode Island, and Nix Hospital in San Antonio, Texas in an effort to pinpoint causal factors of patient safety risk and foster collaboration to mitigate those risks.

“This is a step in the right direction for patient safety, and we are proud to join an elite organization that puts the patients’ safety first,” said Dr. Terry Mason, Interim CEO, Cook County Health and Hospitals System. “The GE PSO offers us for the first time the ability to collect and compare data with other organizations, leveraging insights not just from our own hospitals but from similar intuitions across the country.”

The complexity of healthcare today generates many opportunities for human error, and protecting patient safety requires an understanding of the many ways these errors can occur.  GE’s PSO will help the CCHHS and other hospitals support a work environment in which healthcare professionals are motivated to recognize, report, and reform unsafe care practices by developing organizational consensus about what constitutes a medical error and replacing an overly punitive approach to error management with a system of positive reinforcement for safe behaviors.  The ultimate goal is that the system can learn from the errors and make improvements that enable safer delivery of care throughout the institution.