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Pink Ribbons Campaign: A Strong Start in Europe

The Pink Ribbons Campaign, aimed at raising awareness on the benefits of early diagnosis for breast cancer, kickstarted last week in Europe with Ukraine, France, Spain and Italy all featuring the initiative. GE employees showed their support for cancer patients, creating human ribbons with cardboard, balloons and pink shirts.

The campaign launched Ukraine and followed on to Velizy, France, where a rainy day didn’t stop the GE team from taking their pink ribbon picture.

In Madrid, the campaign event was highlighted by an employee initiative: two GE workers shared their breast cancer experience with their colleagues during a team meeting. They both explained how they had detected the disease themselves through regular home checks, and stressed the importance of early detection, saying that it’s never too soon to act against cancer.

In Italy the GE team successfully mobilized more than 80 participants, sending a positive message about awareness and early detection from the GE Healthcare Milan Office.

Employees also made a mural with support messages for breast cancer employees and were excited to form the human pink ribbon.

Throughout Europe, the massive involvement in the initiative led to the creation of a new challenge: GE Healthcare Employees had to take a picture with their co-workers, friends or family forming a Human Pink Ribbon in an original place. GE employees were very enthusiastic and sent off pictures from all over Europe. The most striking ones were from an ice rink, a swimming pool, a garden, with GE logos and a lot in GE Healthcare offices.

Take a look at the amazing ‘human ribbons’, and read more about cancer patients’ stories in the Breast Cancer Mosaic.