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The Pink Footprint: GE’s Pink Ribbons Campaign Leaves Its Mark Worldwide


The Pink Ribbons Campaign travelled around the world. Download Pictures

GE’s Pink Ribbons Campaign ended on a high note this week after a whole month of spreading awareness on breast cancer. Thousands of people around the world came together to form human pink ribbons and organized events, marathons, tributes and wellness walks to show solidarity and support to breast cancer patients and survivors.  

The campaign put a spotlight on the disease and highlighted the importance of early detection and frequent checkups for both women and men. The campaign started out as a project driven by GE employees, who turned into ambassadors for change and awareness to inspire those around them. The result: an astounding amount of people backing up the events and participating in many activities for the Pink Ribbons Campaign.

"We envision a day when cancer is no longer a deadly disease," said John Dineen, President and CEO of GE Healthcare. "Emphasis on awareness building and early diagnosis will significantly enhance the effectiveness of treatment and reduce healthcare costs. The Global Pink Ribbons campaign is important as it spreads the powerful message that early detection can save lives."

With that goal in mind, GE’s 2012 Pink Ribbon Campaign hopes to make a difference and help people to think pink all year round.

More Pink Ribbons

The Pink Ribbons campaign has ended with a bang – amazing events in the US (Shelton, Minnesota, Van Buren Township and Longwood), South Africa, Mexico, Canada Brazil, China and Brussels put a ribbon on the campaign in the last few days with spectacular contributions.

In the US, contributions to local charities and breast cancer research projects, fighting the rain and messages that connect the campaigners to those who are affected by the disease made their contributions stand out. In China, free consultations for women during the event and the distribution of self-awareness books during the disease offered a lasting impact for the local community. A pink flashmob in Mexico surprised shoppers into being more aware about the disease in an imaginative and fun way. 

Pink Ribbons were completed simultaneously in Argentina, Colombia and Peru as a memorable ending to the International Congress of Breast Cancer, organized by GE in alliance with the Leagues Against Cancer in Bogotá, Argentina and Peru. The events involved health professionals who engaged in the GE vision to cure the world. The events were also broadcasted via internet to other countries like Chile, Venezuela and Brazil to share information with customers in other countries.

Campaign Highlights

Keeping up with last year’s success, GE employees from around the world have created some beautiful human pink ribbons, 85+ ribbons and counting! Many people also participated in a contest to submit the most original pink ribbons, sharing their healthy message in extremely varied locations from all around the world.

This year the tributes didn’t stop with the human pink ribbons. GE employees shared touching messages aimed at those whose lives have been changed by breast cancer. Pink Ribbons events in many countries featured brave contributions from those who shared their journey through the disease.

Sometimes finding words to show support to those affected by disease is hard. That’s why GE launched Give a Little Beat, an online Spotify music service for people who want to share the tunes that help them overcome all obstacles. The page, divided in four categories (love, party, hope and shout) allows users to find their own songs to share and spread the message on social media platforms.

This October, many people have felt a difference thanks to the kindness and perseverance of those around them. We look forward to seeing the results of the campaign during the upcoming year, and thank all those who have spent time spreading the word against breast cancer. See you next year!