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Pocket-sized Medical Scanner with Potential to Change Healthcare Everywhere


In countries like Indonesia, where access to a reliable electricity supply is a struggle, where a typical ultrasound or echocardiography machine would not be available, innovative ultrasound technology is at work.

Five years ago, GE introduced Vscan, a pocket medical scanner that uses a single phased array transducer that allows viewing of deeper structures of the body, like the heart, the liver, or a pregnant woman’s baby, non-invasively and in real time. GE has now unveiled the new Vscan with Dual Probe system featuring the industry’s first 2 in 1 probe. In addition to a phased array transducer, the second transducer, called a linear array, allows healthcare providers to image shallower structures of the body, like the carotid arteries, jugular veins, or hip and knee joints. The addition of this second transducer means the Vscan with Dual Probe can be used more extensively than Vscan.


The Vscan with Dual Probe can help physicians assess incoming patients patients and assign them to the correct ward quickly.

As well as helping to improve healthcare in resource-constrained areas, the Vscan with Dual Probe applications extend deep into emergency care in hospitals in developed regions. The device’s speed and ease of use enables emergency physicians to quickly assess patients within minutes of their arrival at the hospital, and send them on to the right ward quickly.

“The past 5 years have proven that miniaturized, portable ultrasound technology like Vscan can have a tremendous impact on the practice and economics associated with healthcare in developing and developed nations,” said Anders Wold, President and CEO of GE Ultrasound. “We hope with our new Vscan with Dual Probe we have made the use of ultrasound at the point of care, simpler, faster and more comprehensive all the while helping healthcare providers improve access to life-saving medical technology.”

Five years after the introduction of the first Vscan, this latest addition to the world of portable medical technology will impact access to healthcare from the rural maternity clinic to the inner city hospital emergency room.


*Vscan with Dual Probe is not available in all countries and cannot be placed on the market or put into service until it has obtained all required regulatory authorizations.

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