From Patient to Pioneer: Katelyn’s Story

Sometimes something happens that can put you on an unexpected path. This is true for Katelyn Nye, age 29.  While in high school she was participating in a basketball game and [...]

RSNA is Over, But the Future Starts Now

As RSNA’s 101st Annual Meeting draws to a close, the 55,000-strong crowd of healthcare professionals from around the world disperses from McCormick Place, having caught a glimpse of the exciting future [...]

What Radiology Industry Leaders Think the Future Holds

RSNA is well under way, and several announcements have already been made that will shape the future of radiology. The most important so far has been the announcement of the GE [...]

From Home to Routine Hospital Visit to C-section, in Six Hours

One clear thought Ravelle remembers having the morning of February 13 was about her hair. “I remember looking in the mirror, thinking, ‘I should have washed my hair,’” she says. “Just in case the [...]

The Wisdom of the Cloud – the Future of Digital Healthcare is Here Today

By Dr. Michael Dahlweid, GM Product Management & Director Medical Informatics, Healthcare IT The healthcare sector is being asked to do more with less. This fact is the crux of current discussions [...]

One of the Deadliest Cancers is Also One of the Most Avoidable

Worldwide, bowel cancer kills 694,000 people a year, making it the fourth biggest global cancer killer after lung, liver and stomach cancer.  Strikingly, it can be successfully treated in 54% of [...]

Stopping Latin America’s Biggest Killers

At last week’s World Affairs Council of Atlanta, CEO and President of GE Healthcare in Latin America Daurio Speranzini Jr. set a new direction for continuing work against non-communicable diseases (NCDs) [...]

How an Inventor and His Team Helped Change the Way We Make Medicines

Biopharmaceuticals are protein-based medicines that are increasingly used to treat many different diseases such as cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and clotting disorders of the blood.   Worldwide demand for these types of [...]
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