International Women’s Day: Making Preventative Healthcare More Easily Accessible

Krista Baty is Chief Nursing Officer at Cedar Park Regional Medical Center, Texas. In celebration of International Women’s Day, we asked Krista to share her perspective on her leadership role in [...]

Patients Around the World Asked About the Future of Healthcare

Healthcare has come an incredibly long way in the last century. But as medicine progresses, healthcare faces other challenges – shrinking budgets, ageing populations and the rise of chronic disease.  Technology has [...]

Different Tests for Different Breasts: The Google Hangout

Dr. Rachel Brem has been dedicated to the early detection of breast cancer since she was a young girl, when her mother was diagnosed with the disease. But it wasn’t until [...]

RSNA 2014: The Future of Imaging Starts Today

RSNA 2014, the 100th annual meeting of some of the healthcare tech companies at the forefront of medical innovation, is now well underway. Our panel of experts has been on hand [...]

Matti Lehtonen on the Recent Wave of Enterovirus and the Changing Technology of Respiratory Care

With a wave of Enterovirus D68 infections in the U.S. and on the heels of World Anesthesia Day, Matti Lehtonen, General Manager, Anesthesia & Respiratory Care, GE Healthcare Life Care Solutions, [...]

Q&A with Dr. Jessie Jacob on What it Means to Have Dense Breasts

Because there were so many interesting questions from the participants on GE Healthcare’s ‘Let’s Talk’ Dense Breasts Hangout, we asked Dr. Jessie Jacob, MD, MMM, Chief Medical Officer of Breast Health, [...]

The Value of Population Health Management

By Michael Dahlweid, GM Product Management & Director Medical Informatics, Healthcare IT In a truly connected world, ubiquitous sensors will be measuring all of our bodily functions.  My fridge might be [...]

A Century’s Worth of Innovation from Farid Fezoua, CEO of GE Healthcare Africa

The first ever US-Africa Leaders Summit, being held in Washington DC, is well underway. On August 4th, the ‘Investing in Health: Investing in Africa’s Future’ Signature Event brought together senior US government [...]
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