Q&A: A Question All Cancer Patients Should Ask

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) continues to raise the profile of breast cancer issues around the world. Alongside an update on what GE employees have been doing to mark BCAM, this [...]

Healthcare Innovation Can Drive Economic Growth and Healthy Aging

GE Healthcare works hard in the EU policy arena to help drive change that will help reduce cost, increase access and improve the quality of healthcare in Europe. The European Health [...]

Computed Tomography Central to Helping Reduce Costs and Improve Quality in Cardiac Care

Eighteen months after the introduction of new national guidelines for patients with acute chest pain, we talk to one of the UK’s leading radiologists about their impact, the role of CT [...]

UN Summit Sets the Right Direction for Tackling Global Epidemic of Non-Communicable Diseases

The UN General Assembly’s high-level meeting on non-communicable diseases (NCD) is only the second health-focused summit in the organization’s history after the first on HIV/AIDS in 2001. It called for comprehensive [...]

Reflections from the Pacific Health Summit

  Dr. Nigel Darby, Vice President of BioTechnologies, and Chief Technology Officer, GE Healthcare Life Sciences, shares his reflections from this year’s Pacific Health Summit, which was on the theme of [...]

GE Healthcare Bid to Ensure Reforms do not Distract NHS from Focus on Early Diagnosis

As England moves towards reforms aimed at steeling the NHS for the socio-economic trends it faces in the next 50 years, GE Healthcare has written to UK politicians urging them to [...]

Innovation-Driven Healthcare Could Improve Access, Quality, Efficiency in European Healthcare

COCIR is the non-profit trade organization that represents the medical technology, devices and health IT industries in Europe. According to its latest position paper innovative technological solutions have a key role [...]

Q&A: Future and Key Challenges of Breast Cancer Diagnosis

David Caumartin, General Manager for Mammography at GE Healthcare, shares how the Company is approaching the future and the key challenges of breast cancer diagnosis.
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