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Prematurity Awareness Month: Notes from the NICU

This Prematurity Awareness Month and in advance of World Prematurity Day, families, parents, nurses and the many people who have experienced prematurity are sharing their words of wisdom and inspiration for others currently going through it.

Read their messages here.

The stories behind the messages:

What do these tiny babies have in common with Winston Churchill and Pablo Picasso?

In late December 2013, Ashley Piche and her husband Michael were getting ready for the New Year, not their twins… yet. Ashley was just 26 weeks pregnant– with a boy and a girl – and the excited, expectant parents had begun preparing the nursery for the babies’ arrival in April of 2014. The twins had other plans. Max and Michaela were born on December 30, 2013, a startling 14 weeks early after an otherwise healthy pregnancy. Read more here.

Twins born 15 weeks early, healthy and happy seven years later

At twenty-five weeks of pregnancy, babies in the womb are typically the size of a very small pumpkin. They develop a firm grasp and can stick out their tongue, but still need an additional fourteen to fifteen weeks to fully develop. But twenty-five weeks is when Makenna and Andrew decided to make an early entrance into this world. Read more here.

Baby Yohannes: In Ethiopia, a woman’s second premature baby conquers all odds

In 2011, Workie, pregnant with her first child, went into labor prematurely at just seven months. Her daughter weighed 700 grams at birth and was in desperate need of glucose. Sadly, the child passed away just minutes after birth. At just 28 weeks gestation, Workie gave birth to her son at the same hospital where she had her first premature baby. Against all odds, he survived. Read more here.

For this mother, the third time was “golden”

Jill Canada was pregnant with her third child and thought she knew the drill. Her daughters, Kate and Allison who were five and seven years old at the time, were both born full term. Then came her third child. Read more here.

15 weeks early. 99 days in the NICU. 1 family’s story.

In 2014, Amy Little was pregnant with her third child. She and her husband, Josh, were expecting Charlie to be the biggest of the three, as he was measuring five days larger than what they had calculated. Madeline and Gabe, her five-year-old daughter and three-year-old son, were both born full-term at over nine and a half pounds. Charlie, however, had other plans. Read more here.