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Putting Ultrasound to the Test: Customers Share their Experience With Latest GE Vivid Technology


Customers gave feedback on their experience using the Vivid E9 BT 12 with 4D TEE probe

This week in Munich, Germany, some of the world’s top cardiologists are gathering for the 60th annual European Society of Cardiology conference. One of the new GE ultrasound systems being showcased for the first time at the congress is the Vivid E9 BT 12 with 4D TEE probe. Hear below what Dr. Luigi Badano from Italy and Professor Reidar Winter from Sweden have to say about their experiences with the new GE cardiovascular ultrasound system and the impact it is having on the care they provide to patients.  


In your experience, how important is ultrasound imaging during a percutaneous cardiac intervention?  


What makes 4D TEE critical in the context of the interventional lab?  


What new 4D TEE navigation tools on the Vivid E9 did you find helpful during the mitral valve clipping procedure? 


In summary, what is the 4D TEE feature and benefit that you found most useful during the mitral valve clipping procedure? 


What about image quality in the echo lab?  


How does the Vivid E9 with 4D TEE help you in the echo lab?  


What about the quantitative analysis benefits?