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Q&A with Marco Campione: It’s an Exciting Time to be in Healthcare


Marco Campione, President & CEO for GE Healthcare Italy and Managing Director for Southern Europe

How is the current Italian healthcare system doing?

Italy operates under a universal health care system, where each of the 20 regions is responsible for the organization of its health care services, and a central government is in place to provide regulatory assistance.

The Italian national healthcare system is ranked as one of the best systems in the world in terms of quality; it has an overall expenditure of less than 9.5% of GDP which is significantly lower than the rest of Europe.
Nevertheless, the current dilemma is whether the Italian system can continue to be affordable and sustainable in the long-term, in the face of a fast growing ageing population coupled with the current economic downturn.

What about key trends facing the Italian healthcare system?

It’s an exciting time to be in healthcare. New advances in technology are driving a key trend to deliver affordable and better quality solutions on a universal scale.

Other trends I’ve witnessed include the consolidation of private healthcare, decentralization of non-acute treatment centers, decreasing the length of hospital stays, further specialization of hospitals, e-health (including home health, teleradiology, remote surgery, patient data and images, cloud computing, etc.).

The last few years have not been easy from an economic standpoint with the crisis affecting the Italian healthcare system. How has GE Healthcare approached such challenging times?

As one of the market leaders in many product sectors, GE Healthcare has been influenced by the 2011 recession, which forced the Italian Government to undertake significant cuts in its healthcare budget.
However, I strongly believe that technology is the solution to the issue of long-term healthcare sustainability. GE Healthcare has been actively focusing on pursuing and promoting solutions that can help healthcare providers modernize and reduce the inefficiencies of the system; for instance, by reducing the downtime of the capital intensive diagnostic imaging equipment and integrating data and images, this aims to help physicians make faster decisions with more confidence.

What is GE Healthcare's competitive differentiator to meet the needs of Italian healthcare professionals?

GE Healthcare is uniquely positioned to provide high value diagnostic solutions in the fields of oncology, cardiology and neurology. We have enough information powered by advances in computing, and coupled with increased knowledge of biology at the molecular level to bring a fundamental change in these areas.

How does GE's healthymagination initiative resonate in-country and how does it serve healthcare providers and consumers?

Healthymagination fits very well in Italy. Affordable healthcare is an issue currently at the forefront of the Italian healthcare system, alongside quality and access. Both providers and consumers are extremely interested in understanding how GE can help make the world healthier. The challenge for us is to connect the dots by working with healthcare professionals, to identify the best solutions and help them focus more on their patients.

What are some of the 2013 opportunities you see from a healthcare perspective in Italy?

I see the economic crisis as a golden opportunity to think and do things differently and to provide innovative solutions to healthcare providers and consumers.

The forthcoming national and regional elections will certainly set the tone for healthcare in 2013. I expect that there will continue to be multiple opportunities for GE Healthcare, particularly in the IT, e-health and home health sectors.

The ability to anticipate the needs of the future and to swiftly adapt the company to the upcoming trends is going to be of paramount importance. I am convinced that GE Healthcare can continue to succeed.

How do you energize and motivate your teams in today's economy?

People are one of GE Healthcare’s greatest assets. My teams have always been a priority for me and I am proud of their relentless drive to serve healthcare professionals. We have a great and noble mission “At work for a healthier world” and we all share the same passion for healthcare and the same belief that things can be made better, and it’s why we come to work every day.


"GE Healthcare have enough information powered by advances in computing, and coupled with increased knowledge of biology at the molecular level to bring a fundamental change in the fields of oncology, cardiology and neurology," says Marco Campione.