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Radiologists, There Is An iPhone App For You Too!

Sample clinical images courtesy of GE Healthcare imaging systems are now available for you to view at any time, thanks to the new Clinical IMAGES iPhone app developed by GE Healthcare. A radiologist can choose a product, and browse sample images and videos by anatomy or by applications specific to the selected system.

So why did GE Healthcare decide to develop this application? “Radiologists and hospital administrators have been early adopters of the iPhone. They like the ability to access visual information quickly. We listened to our customers and believed this could be a great tool to share information with them” said Tom Verghese, Chief Marketing Officer, MR Global Marketing.

The application has proven to be a fantastic tool to show customers the quality and accuracy of sample images obtained from GE Healthcare equipment. “There are times when you could only meet the radiologist at the hallway of the hospital for 30 seconds. Now with this application we can show them right there more than 100 clinical images and videos” adds Tom. The application was demonstrated for the first time at RSNA 2009 and it became the perfect and most innovative alternative to the e-pannels on the booth when they were occupied.

It only took 6 weeks to develop the Clinical IMAGES application that currently holds near 100 images and videos taken on the Optima MR450W, one of GE Healthcare latest’s MR systems. GE Healthcare plans to keep adding new product and clinical image sets periodically to the application, including Xray, ultrasound, and PET/NUC, which will be available soon.