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RSNA 2014: The Future of Imaging Starts Today


Surgical equipment at the GE Healthcare booth on the RSNA floor.

RSNA 2014, the 100th annual meeting of some of the healthcare tech companies at the forefront of medical innovation, is now well underway.

Our panel of experts has been on hand to share information and insights about new technologies and software solutions, providing their valuable perspectives and reflections.

Dr Hiremath was on hand today to talk about perhaps the most pertinent question being asked at RSNA today: what is the future of radiology? “The single most exciting thing, I think, in the future of radiology, is how radiologists become more impactful in spending healthcare dollars,” he said. “Understanding disease processes, helping physicians and patients get to an answer is quintessential in an environment where dollars are limited. We have to be impactful as radiologists to help folks get to the right answer as quickly as possible.”

In a world where medicine is digging deeper than ever to find answers, Dr Hiremath added that the most exciting aspect of the medical field today is “the intersection of technology and molecular imaging.”

“I think the future of imaging is related to small cells, and how we use digital information to look at anatomy on a molecular level,” he continued. “To look at physiology on a molecular level and how that intersects with the practice of radiology is what’s most exciting to me.”

Besides pushing the envelope in radiology, the purpose of RSNA is just as much about dispelling myths and misconceptions that patients might have. Dr Hiremath’s view is that “the biggest misconception about radiology today is that it’s an ancillary service, that it’s a checkbox on a menu of things to do to help care for a patient. I see radiology as foundational, and not as an ancillary entity.”

In the days to come, we will be posting more insights and thoughts from our panel of experts as the events at RSNA unfold. On hand will be Dr Joseph Russo MD, section chief of Women’s Imaging and director of the St. Luke’s Regional Breast Center, Pennsylvania, focuses on mammography, and breast ultrasound, MRI and biopsies.

Dr Shreyas Vasanawala, MD/PhD, Associate Professor of Radiology (Pediatric Radiology) at The Stanford University Medical Center in California, will talk to us about diagnostic radiology, pediatric and abdominal MRI, and cardiovascular diagnostic imaging advances being showcased this year.

The MAGiC eye game, at the GE Healthcare booth today.

The MAGiC eye game, at the GE Healthcare booth today.

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