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Healthymagination Engages Radiologists Across the Globe to Solve the Tough Healthcare Challenges

GE Healthcare hosted yesterday its RSNA Press Conference where radiologists from China, India, Latin America and the United States addressed the challenges faced by the healthcare systems around the world and the need to take action.

Last year, GE Healthcare launched healthymagination, a $6 billion commitment to creating better health for more people by developing new products focused on addressing cost, quality and access issues as well as partnering with governments, customers and healthcare systems across the world to make a difference.

With a focus on patient care, the panelists shared their insights and experiences on topics such as dose reduction, adoption of technology innovations, healthcare costs and the burden of an aging population.

Watch these videos with Sholom M. Ackelsberg, Executive Leader, Academic Research Portfolio at GE Healthcare, Dr. Jasinowodolinski (Brazil) and Dr. Jianping (China), Dr. Mahajan (India) and Dr. Kane (USA), as they discuss the challenges faced in their respective regions and what types of solutions they think are needed to address them.