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Singing at Top Speed: One Man’s Secret to Encouraging a Healthier Lifestyle


People like João work every day to help others become healthier, embodying the #GetFit campaign spirit. 

João Rodrigues is a popular Studio Manager in the gym where he works in Spain. As an instructor, he is used to practicing what he preaches. He has to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to inspire those around him to do the same.

Sometimes, achieving that healthy lifestyle is a hard thing to accomplish alone. This is why for João, motivation is one of the key aspects to transmit to the people who come to his classes. Sometimes the extra push needed to overcome an obstacle is for someone to believe in you. For Joao, the words ‘I can, I do, I achieve’ are his guide to overcoming anything.

His popularity and charisma during his classes is overwhelming. People come to him to feel support, to hear him cheer them on to the next level of training and to feel, even if it’s just for an hour, that they can accomplish anything. João isn’t just an extraordinary gym instructor; he is also quite a talented singer. During every class, he belts out a tune and shows amazing lung capacity, keeping up with the class (and in tune, amazingly) with the songs that he puts on to motivate the class.

“I believe people increasingly come here for motivation; more people are looking for you to motivate them internally with music, with what you are saying,” João explained.

As someone who inspires people every day, his job is all about motivation. People like João work every day to help others become healthier, embodying the #GetFit campaign spirit.

By doing exercise regularly and eating healthily, diseases like cancer can be prevented.

Meet João and watch how he inspires gym members during his classes in this video.