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So Far..Quality Counts

Showing promise in helping to reduce costs and improve patient care, ‘Clinical Decision Support Tools' predict the comparative risks and benefits of disease-appropriate imaging techniques. GE Healthcare recently expanded its presence in this market through a strategic partnership with Medicalis, providing clinicians with real time information and the patient-specific pros and cons of any potential imaging test.

Dr. Ramin Khorasani is Vice Chair and Director of Medical Imaging IT at the Boston, Massachusetts- based Brigham and Women's Hospital in the US. He and his team have pioneered use of this technology to help reduce unnecessary scans and ensure that patients receive evidence-based medical care. During his participation at GE Healthcare's 2009 RSNA press conference, Dr. Khorasani explained how Clinical Decision Support Tools' help to improve the efficiency of his radiology department:

"Provider communities, payers' organizations and governmental agencies should pay real close attention to the use of evidence-based delivery models in care to improve, accelerate and enforce adoption of best practice — so that people in every corner of the country can have the similar quality of care delivered to them."