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Recognizing Risks for Sudden Cardiac Death and Musculoskeletal Injuries Before They Happen

Yesterday evening, GE Healthcare brought together industry experts for a thought leadership event in Monaco. In light of the IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury & Illness in Sport (April 7th – 9th April), the GE event aimed to highlight the importance of leading medical technologies that can help doctors recognize risks for sudden cardiac death and musculoskeletal injuries before they happen.

Over 60 delegates comprising leading medical luminaries from around the world, and members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), joined GE Healthcare to also discuss the evolving practice of medicine and athlete care from treating symptomatic 'late-stage' disease to a focus on earlier pre-symptomatic detection and intervention.

Closer to the Athlete

Dr. Berman, a cardiologist with Beaumont Hospital, Detroit,Michigan, presented a recent screening program which included the use of GE’s MAC* 800 portable ECG device, highlighting some surprising results: of the 402 students screened, 34 students were advised to continue with sports and follow-up with their personal physicians; an additional five students were instructed to stop exercise until fully evaluated.

GE Corporate Medical Director, EMEA, Dr. Dan Bensadoun, delivered the keynote address focusing on the company's vision for the future of healthcare delivery, its focus on sports medicine, association to the Olympic Games and also the company’s internal initiative called HealthAhead, the latter with a view to making all GE employees more health conscious and engaged in healthier lifestyle choices.

Other sessions covered the interest for using latest MR (GE Healthcare's Optima MR430s) and Ultrasound (GE Healthcare's Vscan), technologies close to the athlete; prior, during, after competition, due to its small size, ease of use, and quick exam time without compromising on image quality. 

Central to the discussions was the patient, always being at the forefront. "Ensuring the well-being of all athletes is the IOC’s priority, and we feel that the identification of the relevant diseases will allow clinicians to make decisions earlier on, of whether a player can stay in the game or not, but above all tailor their training programs to best meet their needs and ensure athlete safety” Dr. Schamasch, Medical and Scientific Director, International Olympic Committee (IOC) added. 

Design and Innovation in Healthcare

Another theme of the event was the importance of design and innovation. GE Healthcare through its design teams drives innovation in a way that has the customer and patient at the forefront of all product development.  A lot of time is spent with customers; listening, observing them, and benchmarking against other industries which provides inspiration to push to a realistic targeted offering.

GE Healthcare believes this tailored, more empathetic technology design is critical to better health for more people. The Company wants to change the conversation about health and healthcare to one of optimism and possibility so thatpeople around the world can imagine, embrace and commit to leading healthier, more productive lives.