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Take the Leap to a Healthier You Today


It doesn’t matter whether you decide to change for yourself or for charity. Use today to achieve a healthier tomorrow.

Leap day happens every four years: an extra 24 hours celebrated worldwide in many different ways. Today is another chance to improve your health, and to participate in some of the leap events that are going on around the world, which are all about challenging yourself and helping others.

Whether you are over 70 or under 20, we would like to encourage you to take the leap to feeling healthier in just a few simple steps:

Make time for exercise. Even though you might be busy and lead a hectic lifestyle, take a few minutes today to go over your schedule. If you can exercise for 30 minutes three times a week, you can decrease the chances of developing chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes or heart disease. This can mean taking the stairs, walking or cycling. You will feel better, because you’ll be boosting your immune system, reducing body fat and blood pressure, and your body will allow food to move through your system faster.

Eat right. This doesn’t mean you can’t eat a nice, doughy cookie once in a while but eating fruits and vegetables every day will boost your immune system. Your body will thank you for reaching for the apple by lowering your cholesterol, improving your bowel regularity and decreasing the risk of cancer.

Cut down on drinking and smoking. Regular drinking can triple the threat of throat, mouth and voice box cancer. Smoking causes more than 4 million deaths a year, as well as shortness of breath, cancer and heart disease.

This year, different people worldwide have set up new healthcare challenges for themselves and others during Leap day to raise money for charity. An interesting event that is taking place worldwide today is using social media to recruit people to join the cause. “One day run” is using leap day to run around the world for charity. Participants will submit the time they have run that day on social media platforms.

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to change for yourself or for charity. Use today to achieve a healthier tomorrow.

GE Healthcare commitment to health

GE’s healthymagination and HealthAhead initiatives aim to increase global access to healthcare as well as improve the health of GE employees. The company is committed to increase awareness about the importance of prevention of Cancer and Neurodegenerative diseases through healthy living.

Last year, GE Healthcare launched a global competition on Twitter to raise public awareness about cancer prevention and healthy living. For two months, the “Get Fit” campaign encouraged people from all over the world to tweet about their own health and fitness activities that have been shown to reduce the likelihood of developing cancer. In October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), employees frommultiple offices in 25 countries came together to create ‘human pink ribbons’, representing the inclusivity of the entire cause and paying homage to the international symbol of breast cancer awareness. GE employees embraced BCAM, resulting in a final total of 39 human pink ribbons, far exceeding the target number. Other GE Healthcare cancer related projects can be found at the Breast Cancer Mosaic or the Is My Cancer Different? website.

At the end of 2011, the company launched the MIND online campaign to ask people touched by neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia and parkinsonian syndromes, to share their stories and inform the campaign from the grassroots.