Cardiologists in China Relocate… to The Cloud

Central Hospital of Zhuanghe City is using cloud-based technology to help its 900,000 residents get faster access to cardiovascular care

A breakthrough partnership just made one of the most talked about health trends for 2018 a reality

GE Healthcare and Roche Diagnostics come together to develop industry-first software integrating in-vivo and in-vitro diagnostic data with latest clinical research for improved patient outcomes Precision medicine has been a growing [...]

Inside Africa’s Floating Hospital

and the operating rooms where this surgeon is helping patients in need Dr. Leo Cheng, a maxillofacial reconstructive surgeon with the UK National Health Service, spends two to three weeks of [...]

Weekend Pulse: A doctor heads deep into eastern Africa with a pocket-sized ultrasound and a new Olympic Record for healthcare in Rio

This week in health, science and tech: One man’s journey deep into eastern Africa with a pocket-sized ultrasound, a look at the ‘imagination lab’ where the future of engineering and the Industrial [...]

How a Healthcare Olympic Record was Broken in Rio

Hard work and talent combine with medical technology to shatter world records during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. A final Olympic record was broken in Rio de Janeiro, host of the first [...]

Weekend Pulse: Winter is coming but our athletes will be ready and the NBA takes on the Achilles heel of athlete injuries

This week in health, science and tech: Winter is coming… but our athletes will be ready, why the common muscle injury in athletes today is the Achilles heel, and something that’s [...]

Where the future of engineering, manufacturing and the Industrial Internet meet

The disruptive tech being developed at GE Healthcare’s Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center is changing the way Brilliant Machines are made. Imagine this: A factory operator lays out component parts on his [...]

What’s Small, Agile, Fast, at the Olympic Games, but Not a Gymnast?

Answer – a portable ultrasound scanner As the world continues to take in the high-impact, high-drama images emerging from what might be the most exciting Olympic Games yet, the medical teams [...]
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