Let’s Talk Mammo Session Discusses Benefits of the Early Detection of Breast Cancer

A recent Google hangout – “Let’s Talk Mammo“ – gathered a panel of experts to address confusion around conflicting mammography studies and increase awareness around breast cancer, inform patients about mammography [...]

Researchers Plug into Brain Circuitry with Customized Implants

The understanding of the brain’s circuitry is one of the few uncharted territories of the human body. The sheer complexity of the brain has led to the development of innovative new [...]

Brain Activity: Neuroscience Digs Deeper to Reveal Brain’s Complexity

The increasingly aging population has placed the issue of brain health and its associated issues under the spotlight once again. While age and genetics are uncontrollable risk factors for poor brain [...]

How Much Do We Know About Our Brain?

Ajit Shankaranarayanan PhD, Global MR Neuro Applications Manager, Applications & Workflow at GE Healthcare, took some time out to answer questions about his research into brain tumors and what he thinks [...]

Why Mammography May Not Be Enough To Detect Breast Cancer In Dense Breasts

Did you know that over 40% of women have dense breasts?  And that these women are 4-6x times more likely to develop breast cancer than women who don’t?1 Dense breast tissue [...]

Self-Collection HPV Tests the Future for Cervical Cancer Screening?

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women, with an estimated 530 000 new cases every year worldwide. Every year, more than 270 000 women die from cervical cancer; [...]

Cancer Research Month: A Physicist’s Determination to Improve Breast Cancer Screenings & Diagnostics

May is National Cancer Research Month, a time to recognize the high-quality, innovative cancer research that takes place all around the world and the dedicated researchers, who dedicate their lives to [...]

Campground-Themed X-ray Adventure Series First in South Carolina Region

Many children suffer from anxiety and are not able to stay still during the procedure, making the process stressful and forcing images to be redone. Recently, the Medical University of South Carolina [...]
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