Research Reveals Unhealthy Lifestyles Takes a Financial Toll on National Healthcare Systems

New research—commissioned by GE Healthcare—reveals the burden bad habits and lifestyle choices are having on global healthcare systems, adding approximately $33.9 billion per year to costs linked to cancer care. [...]

Molecular Imaging Centers in India: Making Early Cancer Detection More Accessible & Affordable

Nueclear Healthcare Ltd (NHL) and GE Healthcare have opened their first molecular imaging center in Navi Mumbai. It represents the first of a network of molecular imaging centers around the country [...]

Cancer Under the Microscope – Exhibition Displays Competition Images of Disease

GE Healthcare’s 2012 Cell Imaging Competition, which represents cancer as seen through its cell imaging technologies, is the subject of a new exhibition celebrating the confluence of art, science, and discovery. [...]

Value in Knowing: A Look at The Benefits of Early, Accurate Detection of Neurodegenerative Diseases

Being diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or Huntington’s diseases can be traumatic and stressful for patients, their families and friends. Unfortunately, many diagnoses are made when the [...]

From the Show Floor: Reinventing the Mammography Experience

Prahlad Singh, General Manager Women’s Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Detection & Guidance Solutions, joins us from RSNA 2012 to talk about GE Healthcare's SensorySuite for mammography. The SensorySuite helps  to improve the [...]

GE Healthcare Expands Presence in Breast Cancer Detection

GE Healthcare announced today the acquisition of U-Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of ultrasound products specifically designed for breast applications. With operations in Sunnyvale, CA and Phoenix, AZ, U-Systems, Inc. has developed [...]

GE Healthcare Life Sciences Scoops Five Industry Awards

GE Healthcare Life Sciences has won five of a possible 12 categories at the 2012 BioProcess International Awards, announced on Wednesday 10 October. The awards, voted for by industry experts [...]

New Software Tells Brain Surgeons Where to Cut

At Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital, a team of neurosurgeons and computer scientists are developing software to plan the delicate incisions that are necessary for neurosurgery. 
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