Teamwork, Commitment and Plenty of Sunlight Make Greener MRIs

It takes a lot of energy to make an MRI scanner. But in Florence, South Carolina, an MRI factory is using the power of the sun to make life-saving devices while [...]

The Weekend Pulse: Wonder-Materials, Pre-fab Factories, and Finding Answers for Dementia

This week in health, science and tech: the ‘factory-in-a-box’ that found fame, a vast reserve of Helium that was found in Tanzania, SPECT scanners catching up with the 21st Century and the [...]

The Wonder-Material Giving Radiologists SPECTacular Images

When gamma camera technology was first demonstrated in 1957, the combination of whole-organ imaging and three-dimensional scanning was a technological marvel of the decade, up there with color TV. Of course, [...]

It’s not Just Mom Genes: When Dad Has Breast Cancer

Bill Rotter of Mequon, WI, ignored the lump he felt in his chest, as many men would, for several weeks. When he finally asked his wife to check it out, she [...]

Helping Reduce the Most Potent Greenhouse Gases: This Hospital is Showing How Smarter Anesthesia Could Help the Environment

Global warming and climate change have swirled in the news for decades. Greenhouse gases, the greenhouse effect and rising sea levels are now common in everyday conversation. Ask people to describe [...]

How to Build a Biopharma Factory in 550 Days (the unofficial, abridged guide)

This week GE Healthcare and JHL Biotech, a biopharma startup, announced that the world’s toughest diseases had met their match with the opening of the world’s first modular biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility [...]

Toughest Diseases in the World Meet Their Match: A Factory in a Box

What happens when manufacturing know-how meets high-tech healthcare Racho Jordanov, CEO of JHL Biotech, is dedicating his life to making a breakthrough class of medicines called biologics more affordable and accessible [...]

Breathing New Life into Lifesaving Machines

“Reduce, reuse, recycle”. The adage is old, but it sticks around because it holds true: it is the key to cutting waste and helping make the world a greener place. But [...]
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