Dr. Hope Sheds Light on HIV

Right now, 34 million people around the world are living with HIV and AIDS, including 3.2 million children. Ever since the virus began to reach epidemic levels in the 1980s, scientists [...]

Dr. Crowe and the ‘HIV Controllers’ Who Could Hold the Key to a Vaccine

In the fight against HIV, knowing what to target in the first place is harder than it seems. In the early 90s, at the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, scientists fervently [...]

The Forgotten Pioneer: Tracing Radiology’s History Back to Braunschweig

This week is a very important one for the field of medical imaging. As well as today being the International Day of Radiology, the 148th birthday of Marie Curie was celebrated on [...]

Turnkey Pharma: The Next Phase of #KUBio in China

On a clear dark night, a container ship arrives into Shanghai’s Yangshan deep water port. It unloads its precious cargo: modules for the world’s largest single-use plant for making biologics – [...]

Breast Density Explained with Emoji

Just because October’s over, doesn’t mean the fight against breast cancer is. Raise a hand and share to help spread the word about breast density. Here on The Pulse, we have [...]

Popular Mechanics Looks at What Makes an EKG Tick

The crew over at Popular Mechanics likes to see what makes a machine tick. Photographer Todd McLellan meticulously took apart GE’s MAC 2000 Electrocardiograph (or EKG) piece by piece, carefully logging and positioning each part neatly [...]

Recognizing the Everyday Strength of Breast Cancer Survivors #CancerCantHide

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we turn the world pink, raising awareness and supporting global efforts to fight this disease. But those who live with or have survived breast cancer feel its [...]

What Happens After the Scan? Dr Kenneth Bloom on Pathology, Detection and Treatment

Dr. Kenneth Bloom, Chief Medical Officer, Clarient Diagnostics Breast cancer awareness has come a long way. Today, the fight to find a cure and the campaign to encourage early detection has [...]
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