The Fault in Our Genes: How CRISPR Could Eradicate Genetic Disorders

Each one of your 37.2 trillion cells contains all the instructions to make a complete human. These instructions are governed by a code made up of four letters: A, T, C [...]

These Striking Cellfies are the Bee’s Knee

Gary Sarkis, Staff Scientist at GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences division in New York, is used to seeing the world from a different point of view. He spends much of his day [...]

One of the Deadliest Cancers is Also One of the Most Avoidable

Worldwide, bowel cancer kills 694,000 people a year, making it the fourth biggest global cancer killer after lung, liver and stomach cancer.  Strikingly, it can be successfully treated in 54% of [...]

The Culture of Dose

When it comes to medical imaging, dose management is key. Success lies in many different elements, from medical physics to oncology, working well together. X-rays, a form of ionizing radiation, allow [...]

To Make the Invisible Visible, Big Data is the Name of the Game

It is now widely accepted that we are entering the age of the Industrial Internet. The machines are talking, and they are using gigantic amounts of data to become more efficient [...]

Not a Wasted Watt: Running Hospital Equipment in an Age of Austerity

2015 is a vital year for climate change action. With many scientists saying that we have now entered the Anthropocene era, and this year’s UN climate change talks expected to lay [...]

A Step in the Right Direction

Pfizer and GE’s In Vitro Diagnostics Team Up to Work on Cancer-Fighting Immuno-Therapies Imagine a world where cancer treatment does not involve chemotherapy or radiation. This seemingly distant dream may be [...]

While You Were Sleeping… Under Anaesthetic

This weekend, anesthetists from around the world will descend on Euroanaesthesia 2015, the European Society of Anesthesiology’s annual congress running between May 30th and June 1st to find out about the [...]
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