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The Evolution of Healthcare IT

Three sensational keynote speeches, nearly 1,200 attendees and almost 200 sessions later, our annual health IT education event Centricity™ LIVE has come to a close. Throughout the many discussions, peer-to-peer sessions and workshops, it was clear that the industry is on a fast track for change – driven by the needs of patients.

Centricity LIVE kicked off in earnest with an in-depth discussion about the consumerization of healthcare. GE’s software chief Bill Ruh illustrated one major reason this trend is significant during the event’s opening panel session:  “Over the next seven to ten years, we’ll see an architectural shift in healthcare—it will be driven by consumers who can now make choices.”

The always-online, mobile device and wearable technology-suited patients of today are changing how healthcare technology must evolve to serve their needs – just one of many challenges facing healthcare leaders.

This year's event was held in Denver, Colarado, at the  Colorado Convention Center.

This year’s event was held in Denver, Colarado, at the Colorado Convention Center.

On Tuesday, the major theme emerged around how the advent of cloud computing and the digitization of patient information are top developments in healthcare IT, helping to make patient data available to caretakers at anytime, anywhere and on any device, often leading to more consistent outcomes for patients. Day two closed with a heartwarming speech from motivational speaker Allison Massari about her personal journey through recovery from serious injuries and her experiences with her healthcare providers.


The final day of Centricity LIVE wrapped with an inspiring talk from accomplished pilot, instructor and aviation safety expert Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the “Miracle on the Hudson” pilot who discussed strong leadership, fulfilling one’s sense of duty and the importance of collaboration. He spoke on challenges the airline industry overcame in recent decades, in large part enabled by technology. It was a fitting close to an event that began with GE Healthcare IT President and CEO Jan De Witte’s opening keynote on what healthcare can learn from the transformation in aviation.

Capt. Sullenberger address the crowd.

Capt. Sullenberger address the crowd.