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The Future of Health Tech: How Wearables Could Transform Patient Care

“We are facing the perfect storm. Governments across the world are looking to provide better access to higher quality healthcare, while managing costs. The technologies we are working on will enable healthcare professionals to act faster and allow patients to leave hospital earlier without compromising quality of care.” said Didier Deltort, General Manager, GE Healthcare Monitoring Solutions.

With this changing landscape in mind, GE Healthcare is working to address two key trends; the development of IT and network computing alongside the miniaturization of sensing and wireless technology. A powerful combination that the company believes has the potential to optimize patient monitoring capabilities as well as support healthcare providers as they seek to improve efficiency.

In December last year, GE Healthcare’s Monitoring Solutions business was recognized as the best patient monitoring solutions company by The New Economy**.

The award, given out annually, undertook an in-depth appraisal of the most significant patient monitoring innovations of the year and their potential to disrupt the healthcare monitoring solutions market for the next generation.

“The ultimate goal is to deliver better outcomes for hospitals and their patients. We are increasingly able to accelerate product development by partnering with startups through our Innovation Village project in Helsinki, Finland. Many of the businesses participating in the project are telecommunications companies whose expertise will help shape the future of wearable healthcare technology. We are also able to tap into fundamental research or leverage innovative ideas from across GE thanks to our size.”

You can view the full interview below.


**The New Economy belongs to the World News Media Group, a multi-platform digital media group headquartered in London, providing print, multimedia, video and events products. They analyze and profile the value chain for disruptive technologies and breakthrough innovations that are driving new markets in the global economy.