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The Grove Centre’s Diamond Jubilee: a Look Back at 75 Years of Innovation

This year, GE Healthcare’s Grove Center celebrates 75 years of innovation. What began in the 1940 as The Radiochemical Center, among other things, a luminous paint factory, continues now as a hub for some of the most innovative healthcare technologies of our time. In its Silver Jubilee year, 1965, the Grove Center launched the world’s first commercial radioimmunoassay kit, for measuring insulin in the blood of diabetics. This became a universal clinical tool and the first in a long line of industry-leading healthcare products. The site remains a key center of research, as well as the global headquarters of GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences division.

The images below come from the Grove Centre archives and illustrate the progress from early innovation to mainstream medical practice of many of the breakthroughs that the team on the site have contributed to over the last 75 years.