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The Health, Science and Tech News of 2016

A look back at the top topics and trends making headlines on The Pulse this year.


From global health to prefab factories changing biopharma, the top stories of 2016 continued to show just how health, science and tech are rapidly transforming. As the end of the year nears, The Pulse is counting down with the top topics and trends that made its headlines.

#1: The 5.8 billion people with limited or no access to affordable healthcare

 Even as medical science has advanced by leaps and bounds, there are still millions of people who don’t have access to even the most fundamental healthcare services. These stories were part of ongoing coverage of the mission for the 5.8 billion people with limited or no access to affordable healthcare.

Swapping marriage for medicine, young girl leaves village in India to become x-ray expert

Why Sustainable Healthcare Solutions is a Matter of Life


A woman on a mission for 5.8 billion people… and on Instagram


#2: Clinicians and code

The combination of digital and industrial, software and hardware, and minds and machines: this is how the industry is transforming data into actionable insights to improve lives around the world.


Why doctors of the future may know code


Why pediatricians of the future may know code

Minds_and_Machines_Hospital_animationHealthcare Needs Moonshots. This Is What a Digital One Looks Like


#3: Toughest Diseases in the World Meet Their Match: A Factory in a Box

KUBio, the world’s first modular manufacturing solution based on single-use bioprocessing technology, is helping manufacturers make biologics more affordable and accessible to parts of the world where they would otherwise be prohibitively expensive.

Toughest Diseases in the World Meet Their Match: A Factory in a BoxKUBio_animation_1How to Build a Biopharma Factory in 550 Days (the unofficial, abridged guide)


A Second Modular Biopharma Facility Opens KUBio in Hangzhou 

KUBio bioreactors

KUBio Kingdom: This (bio) park isn’t for amusement. It’ll help in the fight against deadly diseases


#4:The Promise of Cell Therapy

News announced this year could massively scale the burgeoning field of personalized medicine and with it the world’s life-saving treatments. 

There isn’t “A” cure for cancer. There are 7.4 billion


T-CELL: The tiny superhero feared by the worst villain of all