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The Incredible Power of Simple Touch

At this year's RSNA, Richard Ehman MD, Professor of Radiology and leader of the team that developed Magnetic Resonance (MR) elastography at the non-profit Mayo Clinic in the US, explains how palpation inspired the development of GE Healthcare's MR Touch technology.

For centuries, clinicians have evaluated tissue stiffness — the physical property of tissue most affected by disease — through palpation (examination by touching). However, many regions of the body are not accessible to palpation and conventional diagnostic imaging technologies do not allow physicians to assess tissue stiffness.

Through the use of acoustic energy, vibrations in the body create mechanical waves as they move through tissues, which can be imaged with MR Touch. From that information, doctors obtain images that show the stiffness of tissue inside the body.

In this video, Prof Ehman, explains how MR Touch is being used at Mayo Clinic, offering a reliable, non invasive alternative diagnosis to patients in the very early stages of disease.