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The Pink Path Experience, a Journey from Art to Awareness


Rayo Carmona  and her work “Muñequita Linda”


Photo exhibition of French photographer, Estelle Lagarde

Breast cancer remains the leading cause of cancer deaths. Worldwide more than 1 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer*In France, 12,000 women are still dying every year.

This week in Buc (France), GE Healthcare is launching an exhibition called ‘The Pink Path Experience/ L’Expérience de la Traversée Rose’, that aims to help raise awareness amongst its employees with regards to breast cancer. This initiative is truly innovative as it focuses on the ‘Patient Experience’, addressing the need to better understand all the phases a woman goes through when having to go for breast cancer screening (mammogram), waits for her results, is told she needs to undergo further examinations (e.g. ultrasound, MRI including biopsy), hears she has breast cancer, undergoes various treatments, loses her hair … becomes a breast cancer survivor. GE Healthcare strongly believes that understanding what a patient experiences when undergoing a medical examination can help develop solutions to better address some of the underlying causes as to why people refrain from going to the doctor which in turn can be detrimental to their health.

“The Pink Path Experience” explains this by taking the audience through an emotional journey; visitors enter a dark room where women who have had breast cancer ‘tell their story’ in their local language, representing that cancer affects us all no matter what our nationality, religion, race or even age group.  Written testimonials posted on the Breast Cancer Mosaic website launched a few years back by GE Healthcare, were recited by employees in 12 languages. Visitors then proceed to a photo exhibition of an esteemed French photographer, Estelle Lagarde, who shares her breast cancer survival story through the work of her photos allowing visitors to penetrate her emotional state of mind when being told she had breast cancer to when she could say she beat the disease! Finally, Rayo Carmona, a Mexican artist living in Paris, exhibits her work under the theme of ‘Muñequita Linda/The feeling of being pretty , no matter what’… which addresses the notion that a breast cancer sufferer must be encouraged to fight the disease, that they need a forum to talk freely about the disease, that they too have the right to feel pretty & not be stigmatized by the term ‘sufferer’ …  on the contrary, they need to be supported by colleagues, friends, family, in order to keep on fighting.

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month soon approaching, GE Healthcare has decided to sponsor this artistic initiative as the more awareness created, the more women will understand the importance of being screened so that cancer can be diagnosed earlier.

The more ideas we take forward and develop, the better our technologies & solutions will suit women who otherwise must forego regular screenings due to a lack of access to the appropriate facilities, up-to-date imaging technologies or trained medical professionals. GE Healthcare is leveraging its scale and knowledge to commit to a series of major in-country collaborations with governments, NGO’s and various local collaborators to help mobilize efforts on the ground in each region.

“This week in Buc, France, GE Healthcare was very proud to launch the Pink Path Experience. The Pink Path Experience was a showcase that highlighted not only our technologies in the area of Breast Care, but more importantly, the journey and emotions of the patient as she deals with all the different stages of breast cancer. The purpose of this effort was to show that we work in a company who not only aims to attack cancer with best-in-class technologies, but also strives to understand the emotion associated with the disease and develop solutions that approach every element of the care continuum with empathy, feeling and respect.” said Hooman Hakami, President & CEO, Detection & Guidance Solutions (DGS), GE Healthcare.

In addition Hakami concluded “The Pink Path Experience really represents the best of GE Healthcare. It was a proud day for all of us.”