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GE Healthcare Showcases Healthymagination Commitment at TurkRad 2011 in Turkey

Did you happen to visit GE’s booth at TurkRad?  Earlier this week, GE Healthcare participated in the four-day TurkRad Congress, the leading and largest national radiology congress organized by the Turkish Radiology Association in Antalya, Turkey. This congress has taken place every year for the past 32 years. Last year, there were about 1,600 registered attendees. This year it is estimated that there were more than 1,500 registered attendees, with the main healthcare industry players in attendance. Moreover, Turkey’s Ministry of Health (MoH) and SGK(Social Security Institution) representatives were present to listen to the challenges facing the healthcare industry.

For GE Healthcare, TurkRad is important for the opportunity it creates for people across the medical imaging ecosystem to make connections, discuss hot topics and share ideas. For GE Healthcare staff, it is above all an opportunity to focus on customers, be a credible partner and listen.  

Why Turkey?  Turkey is a dynamic country with its highly skilled manpower, geographical location as well as its existing international partnerships and infrastructure which all contribute to making Turkey an attractive partner of choice. GE Healthcare's EAGM (Eastern & Africa Growth Markets) regional operations headquarters is in Istanbul, covering more than 80 countries and almost two billion people.

Governments across the region are increasingly looking to invest in healthcare infrastructure as a key driver for social and economic development. Supporting emerging markets is central to GE Healthcare’s global growth, and GE is committed to significantly advance GE’s localization efforts via infrastructure build-up and leveraging its strength in service capabilities.

Customers and healthymagination –- it makes sense. At TurkRad, the GE team was pleased to present an overview on healthymagination to MoH representatives visiting GE’s booth. Their feedback was positive about healthymagination and its pillars around cost, access and quality – even mentioning that GE’s global initiative is aligned with what they are trying to achieve, too. Once again this shows how healthymagination resonates with GE Healthcare’s customers.

This year’s TurkRad proved to be a good platform to get closer to local customers. For the local GE team it meant the opportunity to share GE messages in Turkish around healthymagination and what it can mean from a healthcare professional’s perspective “I’m here to save lives.  GE is here to help me do it.” 

To highlight “in Turkey for Turkey”, the local GE team also created a dedicated local customer magazine called Bakıs (Look) magazine.