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Top 10 Healthy Apps to Keep Fit & Healthy


Mobile apps have proved to be a popular solution amongst participants, who have contributed to the 44 million+ downloads in 2012 attracted to its fast track to sustainable health whilst on the go. 


The TweetChat event was part of the #GetFit campaign that ran from May 28th to July 8th 2013. It introduced initiatives aimed at cancer prevention through participation, sharing, and engagement.


The #GetFit app and other fitness apps have proved invaluable to the #GetFit campaign’s participants in maintaining a more active lifestyle whilst juggling a busy and hectic schedule. 

#GetFitChat TweetChat, organized by Urban Times and GE Healthcare recently, allowed participants to engage in real-time conversations, exchanging tips on healthy eating and overcoming challenges of adopting a more active lifestyle. One topic of conversation was the number of fitness apps available that could help maintain a healthier lifestyle whilst juggling a busy and hectic schedule. Here are ten of our favorites:

1) Runtastic PRO is an app that uses GPS to map & track sports and fitness activities, such as: running, jogging, biking & walking. The Runtastic PRO app tracks cardio workout progress (time, distance, elevation, calories & more) to help you reach training goals.

2) The MOVES app allows your iPhone to record how active you are by recording how much you move in a day. By carrying the phone in a pocket or bag the app automatically tracks your everyday life and exercise. 

3) Zombies Run! 5K Training is an 8-week training program and audio adventure for beginners that’ll improve your fitness so you can run a 5km distance. Instructions are given as to when to walk, jog, run and stretch, combined with a gripping story delivered straight to your headphones.

4) The 7 Minute Workout App helps you to perform a 7 minute full workout (12 exercises), by providing you a timer and a log. This routine of 12 exercises is a complete workout based on the latest fitness research, and it only takes 7 minutes. (12 exercises of 30sec, with pauses of 10sec)

5) The MyFitness Pal app gives you full mobile access to your account — including the website’s entire food and exercise database — so users can log their food and exercise from anywhere, at any time. All changes made on a phone will be synchronized with the website and vice versa.

6) The ANT Radio Service installs the ANT Radio Service to gain access to sport, fitness and personal health applications. This background service is required by these applications to enable the wireless connection to ANT+™ sensors such as a heart rate strap, foot pod, and blood pressure monitor.

7) Take an image of the sky and Visibility will give you an immediate local air pollution reading by measuring airborne particulate matter. It achieves this by noting location and time, and then comparing intensity of the image with an established model of sky luminance. 

8) The Nexercise is one app to get you moving. Every time you exercise it tracks your progress and awards you points. These can be traded for real prizes, such as sports accessories and energy bars. 

9) WebMD gives you 24/7 access to help with decision-making and health improvement efforts by providing mobile access 24/7 to mobile-optimized health information and decision-support tools including WebMD’s Symptom Checker, Drugs & Treatments and First Aid Information.

10) Developed at MIT, Sana provides a platform that connects patients and rural health workers to medical experts, providing access to high-quality healthcare for those in isolated and developing regions.

As the #GetFit participants can attest to, these apps have proved invaluable in monitoring the progress made during the #GetFit challenges. Mobile apps have proved to be a popular solution amongst participants, who have contributed to the 44 million+ downloads in 2012, attracted to its fast track to sustainable health whilst on the go. 

GE’s latest involvement centers on Dublin-based health and technology start-up, GetHealth, which have embarked on a 3-year program run by Start-Up Health in partnership with GE. The program is part of GE’s healthymagination initiative, a $6 billion global commitment to provide better health for more people by improving quality, access, and affordability of care.