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This New Ultrasound Scanner Gives Doctors an Improved Look into the World of an Unborn Child*

The first ultrasound of a couple’s unborn child is an incredibly exciting moment. This is their first glimpse into their child’s world and their first chance to meet the latest addition to the family. It is also a big moment for healthcare providers in being able to check the baby’s health, diagnose some birth defects, and overall, enhancing communication with their patients.

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Though clinically important, parents-to-be can be disappointed with the blurry grey image that appears with the first scan of their baby. This colored 3D image was taken using the Voluson E10.

Using the latest addition to the Voluson family of ultrasound scanners, the Voluson E10, clinicians can now see babies in the womb with amazing detail. Treatment can be planned extensively before the baby is even born.

The system uses the same principles of ultrasound that have been used for decades, but the magic is in the software. Like a virtual, high-end post-production studio, the scanner’s new HDlive Silhouette and HDlive Flow applications use the ultrasound data in new ways to calculate depth, shape and detail. Add noise-removal, image enhancement, color and light, and the final 3D image is complete. The incredible number-crunching power of the machine allows it to render these images in seconds. What was once a grainy, greyscale, two-dimensional image is now a picture so crystal clear that healthcare providers and patients can even “see a baby’s personality.”

A 3D scan is a still picture of the baby in three dimensions. With 4D, the added dimension being time, the baby can be seen moving around in real time. HDlive technology adds a virtual light source to the image, calculating the location of shadows and even the translucency of the baby’s skin.

However, the image processing powers of the Voluson E10 can be used for more than superficial look at the fetus. The technology can be used to obtain images of the baby’s blood vessels, heart, brain and other organs that show depth and structure in a way that helps provide the tiny details desired. This is especially important in the first trimester, where it is important to keep track of the baby’s growth.


*All comparative statements as compared to GE Healthcare’s Voluson Expert Series BT13

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