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New, Budget-Friendly Ultrasound Systems among GE Healthcare Solutions Featured at AIUM


"The aspiration to have Voluson technology is now practical for a broad range of OB/GYN offices and departments," says Lumpi.

Recently at the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine’s (AIUM) 2011 annual meeting, GE Healthcare featured a variety of new and recently introduced technologies the company engineered to help clinicians improve the overall care provided to patients worldwide.

Featured for the first time at AIUM was the Voluson Signature Series, two new ultrasound systems that bring established Voluson imaging technology to a broad group of OB/GYN offices and departments. The Voluson S8 and Voluson S6 help deliver exceptional image quality, innovative assessment tools supporting earlier, more detailed patient evaluations and ergonomic achievements that make the system easy to use and transport, key features that can help busy OB/GYN offices provide enhanced patient care, promote overall efficiency and grow their practice. Both systems also offer additional capabilities for advanced assessment to support complex patient cases such as those associated with reproductive medicine. As validated Healthymagination products, both Voluson Signature Series systems help clinicians improve quality and reduce costs through the opportunity to achieve significant time savings and increased accuracy of results. 

According to Karl-Heinz Lumpi, the General Manager of GE Healthcare’s Women’s Health Ultrasound business, “The Voluson Signature Series makes leadership technology broadly available to practices that require routine scanning but want the high diagnostic confidence, additional features and workflow optimizations that a sophisticated ultrasound system can deliver.”

The Voluson Signature Series offers a new group of OB/GYN offices and departments an excellent mix of advanced imaging capabilities and workflow efficiencies in a budget-friendly system. Hardware, software and innovative probes work together to provide exceptional 2D image quality as well as the 3D/4D capabilities for which Voluson technology is well-known.  Among the clinical capabilities offered through the new Voluson technology, the Voluson S8 offers additional clinical capabilities that enable detailed fetal cardiac assessment through a suite of advanced fetal echo imaging technologies. Using the system, clinicians can view three-dimensional images of the heart in motion as well as an entire fetal heart cycle, vital information that can facilitate detection of heart abnormalities in utero.

In addition to the Signature Series, the company featured the following products at AIUM:

Logiq  E9

The LOGIQ E9 Breakthrough 2011 offers an expansion of its extraordinary imaging, easy workflow and expert tools.  Volume Navigation, providing real time fusion of ultrasound with CT and MR, is expanded to include fusion with PET/CT images as well as use with the M5S for transcranial Doppler fusion applications.  With Breakthrough 2011, the LOGIQ E9 now offers both a coaxial system for Needle Tip Tracking and a new Virtual Needle Tracker, allowing physicians to virtually track the tip of a variety of rigid interventional instruments such as biopsy or ablation needles.   Among other new expert capabilities, Elastography has also been expanded to the C1-5, IC5-9 and 9L E-Series transducers for abdominal, intracavitary and peripheral applications.


Logiq P6

The 2011 breakthrough release of the LOGIQ P6 offers enhanced capabilities on this portable ultrasound console. Elastography utilizing high frequency transducers is now available to help clinicians evaluate tissue of the breast, thyroid and other anatomy.  Another new capability added to the LOGIQ P6 is Auto-IMT, an automation tool that helps improve the consistency and reliability of edge detection measurement of the intima media thickness.  A new transducer, the matrix array ML6-15, also joins the extensive suite of transducers already offered on the LOGIQ P6.  With its imaging clarity and broad bandwidth, this transducer is an excellent choice for breast, small parts and musculoskeletal applications.


Voluson E8

Elastography is now available on the Voluson E8.  Elastography can be a beneficial tool to help clinicians better understand the composition of suspicious masses and tissue.  Application of elastography in breast, cervix and other gynecology applications can be achieved with the use of most Voluson E-Series linear and endocavitary transducers . 

"We are thrilled to have added the elastography capability to our premium Voluson E8 system.  This tool is another feature that can help physicians more thoroughly assess their patients and help them provide improved patient care", said Lumpi.


Venue 40

Venue 40 compact ultrasound is designed for point-of-care settings, such as anesthesiology, rheumatology, sports medicine, emergency medicine, critical care, interventional procedures and interventional radiology. High frequency transducers and GE’s beamformer technology combine in Venue 40 to deliver superficial anatomy in high resolution, as well as clearly visualizing the needle and tip. A sleek touch screen interface makes it easy to use and clean. 



Vscan can be a valuable tool in Labor & Delivery to help confirm position, monitor the fetus, check amniotic fluid levels, or to assess cervical progression. Vscan can assist with the placement of a fetal monitor for difficult or obese patients, and allows visualization of the post-partum uterus to help confirm the absence of retained products.  For Obstetrics, Vscan can help assess pregnancies within the exam room. It can help you to confirm fetal position, check amniotic fluid level and also helps you confirm fetal cardiac activity through visualization of the fetal heart.


ViewPoint  6

GE Healthcare also announced the introduction of ViewPoint 6, the newest release of the dedicated ultrasound reporting and image management solution.  ViewPoint 6 is one of the most comprehensive data management solutions on the market, covering a broad range of applications.   Developed using over 20 years of experience and feedback from customers across the globe, ViewPoint 6 simplifies ultrasound workflow into one flexible and intuitive solution.  Enhanced to be highly user friendly, ViewPoint 6 makes reporting easy and helps improve IT workflow.   Manage patient information, report data, and images in one flexible solution and integrate easily with an electronic medical record system.   A wide variety of healthcare departments and practice areas, from private office to hospital network, will have the ability to see its workflow improve.