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Vscan Commercial Set to Take off from Airports around the US

Developed from GE’s 4D ultrasound innovation, Vscan is being used in hospitals and clinics all over the globe—helping physicians get the right patient to the right place.

Vscan is a visualization tool that provides black and white anatomic and color-coded blood flow images in real time. Optimized for clinicians who want to quickly look at the heart, abdominal organs and the bladder, Vscan has the potential to help redefine the physical exam by providing additional information to the doctor at the point of care.

One of the clinicians to incorporate Vscan into his practice is Dr. Randy Martin, a cardiologist from Piedmont Heart Institute in Atlanta, Georgia.

The below video segment highlights some of Dr. Martin’s uses for Vscan and will air in 2,000 gates throughout 45 major US airports on the CNN Airport Network. The segment will also be aired in 27 club rooms, baggage claim, food courts, ticketing, bars and lobby areas.


Vscan is a prescription medical device and available for sale only to licensed physicians.