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Week 1 #GetFit Update: Explode Out of the Starting Blocks!


@eceizab4 posted an image of the kinds of foods being adopted as part of a healthy diet


@allijc4 posted this image with the comment: 'Even this goat is moving along the rocky coastline to #GetFit. What about you? How do you keep #healthy? 

Move your body, eat healthy, and own your health. The #GetFit campaign has got off to an exciting start and participants have hit the ground running with their enthusiasm and commitment.

In the first week of the #GetFit challenge, the number of posts and comments voiced on social media platforms has been impressive. During the first week of the campaign, 633 posts have been tweeted. The tweets have been supported by GE Employees and influential social media users, who have echoed the healthy initiative’s message.

There were a host of creative contributions that appeared on Twitter during the first week. Challenge One: ‘Move Your Body,’ was by far the most popular with more than 50% of the participants opting to take up this challenge. Posts such as: “A nice brisk walk to Waterloo today as the start of my #getfit effort (@gilltweet), “Countdown to the start of marathon training: 13 days (@skleefeld),“ and “Taking the stairs from my apartment instead of lift to #GetFit, (@theTallBigGuy) illustrated perfectly why small changes can lead to big healthy returns in the long run!

Instagram users have also shared and encouraged others with the kind of activities they can get involved in as part of a healthier lifestyle with creative Instagram contributions from ‘andrearochad’, ‘matovarm’, ‘sappy 81’, and ‘lariosus.’ 

The campaign is gaining momentum, with posts and pictures demonstrating real commitment to adopting and keeping a healthy lifestyle to help prevent cancer. These tweets are just a snapshot of how social media has helped to spread the word of the value of this campaign.

All this couldn’t have been possible without the amazing efforts from the campaign participants, who have shown us all their generosity, sharing real and heartfelt sides of their lives to raise awareness, and reach people around the world through this excellent platform. Keep up the good work!


#GetFit App: get healthy on the go!

Don’t forget the #GetFit app is now available for the iPhone. You can record your progress, share healthy habits and join in the challenge whilst away from your computer. With the app you can also keep up to date on your progression related to the number of participants and their activity.

The app, which is also available on Android, is perfect for those who want to manage their healthy habits on the go.

The challenge is set to gain pace over the coming weeks. Watch this space for more information about the winners and the campaign results. You can also continue sharing and inspiring other people by creating your own healthy lifestyle and participating in different challenges!


This bubble chart illustrates the most common words surrounding the #GetFit Hashtag