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Week 1 Roundup of #GetFit: Off to an Inspiring Start!

After just one week, the 2012 #GetFit campaign has already begun to inspire people to improve their lifestyles. Since the launch, hundreds of people have voiced their thoughts on social media platforms and shared #GetFit Ambassadors’ experiences online. During the first two days of the campaign, 865 tweets used the #GetFit hashtag. GE Employees and influential social media users echoed the healthy initiative’s message

Jillian Flower, GE Healthcare’s Canada Ambassador and Eileen Grubba, GE Healthcare’s USA Ambassador, are this week’s inspirational people. Jillian attributes her sunny disposition and her positive attitude to her exercise and healthy eating habits and promotes the message of prevention and investment in staying healthy for the future, whereas Eileen’s difficult health journey saw her going through many painful experiences, making staying healthy a necessity for her to fight cancer.

The enthusiasm surrounding the campaign launch and the impact of the Ambassador’s stories have helped to propel the #GetFit website to the top spot as the most viewed GE Healthcare page with an astounding 3,568 views in just two days.  In that same time, the GE Healthcare Twitter account gained over a hundred new followers interested in the initiative.

The #GetFit campaign mission is to inspire people to learn how leading an active and healthy lifestyle can benefit them, and how important it can be in the fight against disease. Although no one knows whether they might be affected by disease through their lifetime, everyone can make an effort to be as strong and healthy as possible and to fight any situation with the best attitude possible.


Second annual #GetFit campaign uses Twitter, GE’s HealthyShare on Facebook, and Sina Weibo to promote cancer prevention through healthier lifestyles