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Week 2 Roundup of #GetFit: A Global Hot Topic

The #GetFit campaign has just finished its second successful week, achieving record-breaking results and reaching many more people through word of mouth on Twitter, and gaining media coverage around the world.

Throughout the last week, the #Get Fit game created to share healthy achievements that can help prevent cancer, has travelled through Canada, the US, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil and South Africa. The game is all about sharing healthy habits, new resolutions and challenging friends, using the #GetFit hashtag, gaining team points and going up in the leaderboards. Users can create their own healthy teams and combine points to compete with other teams around the world.

A lot of people are joining the healthy movement across the world:  Team GB is leading the #GetFit movement in the top spot on the leaderboard, followed by URP_Korea in second place and Petit Comite, in third. In the individual leaderboard, Conor McKechnie (@conorato) takes the top spot this week with his inspiring healthy habits and the conviction that an active life can improve health. Rodrigo Lemos (@RodLens) is in second place this week, followed by Anna Sylvan (@soccerbulle) in third.

Many more people are sharing their habits on social media and playing the #GetFit game, launching 4,623 new tweets online. Other ways to get involved now include a #GetFit Pinterest board to share pictures, inspiring messages and videos about the campaign with users around the world.

Some of most proactive people in spreading the word have been Eileen Grubba, the #GetFit USA Ambassador. The Ambassadors’ backing for this campaign is making the message achieve more than ever before: in just seven days, an estimated 3,417 online users have become involved, almost five times the amount of users as compared to 2011.

Highlights include interesting comments from users who shared their achievements: completing a personal goal, going to the gym or sharing photos. Twitter user @H_Longvill said: “Apparently I’ve climbed equivalent of the world’s tallest pencil today in steps according to my @fitbit ultra #getfit #healthyhabits”. @tmlfox said: “T1: I’m also a believer in the “gaming” aspects of #GetFit. Works as an extra motivator for competitive folks. #hcsmca”.

#GetFit was the main discussion topic for healthcare social media Canada tweetchat #hcsmca, an event attended by MDs, hospital communications employees, patient advocates and the general public. Healthcare professionals expressed admiration for the campaign, and have been aware of the impact the message. Influencers like Thomas M. Lee and publications like Pharma Market Europe, ehealthserver or Alto Nivel have echoed the #GetFit message.

The #GetFit campaign mission is to inspire people to learn how leading an active and healthy lifestyle can benefit them, and how important it can be in the fight against disease. Although no one knows whether they might be affected by disease through their lifetime, everyone can make an effort to be as strong and healthy as possible and to fight any situation with the best attitude possible.