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Week 3 Roundup of #GetFit, Striking a Chord around the World

At a time when many workers are going back to hectic schedules after the summer holidays, more people are sharing their healthy and inspiring tips to #GetFit and stay healthy!

This week, the #GetFit campaign travelled through Africa. GE Healthcare newsroom featured Kenya’s Ambassador, Welala Dawit, who talked about how she went from not doing any exercise to starting a healthier life. For her, it was all about avoiding the health conditions that affected the lives of other family members and feeling better by doing sport. Her inspiring story showed how everyone can improve their lives thanks to exercise and healthy living, and has helped to inspire many more people along the campaign trail.

So far, #GetFit has engaged 7315 participants, and has reached over 12,494 tweets throughout its three weeks of activity. The response on Facebook and Pinterest is also growing. The #GetFit inspiring message and the reaction from social media users led to the #GetFit campaign being nominated for the Ragan’s Award for Best Social Media Campaign.

The campaign’s message is heating up as it gets closer to Asia and Europe – the most players this week in the #GetFit challenge are from the UK, France, India and Japan.  This last week, TeamGB lost their top place in the group leaderboard to URP_Korea, going down to second place in the rankings. Petit Comite stays on as a strong third group.

The top individual players have changed this week: Conor McKechnie (@conorato) has climbed to the top spot with 890 points, followed closely by Rodrigo Lemos (@lemoskine) with 840 points and S. Marshall Poindexter (@mpoindexter) with 620 points in third place.

The best and most inspirational messages on Twitter this week have included a All the candy and ice cream at the GE Healthcare HQ has been  locked away to dissuade any temptation. Participants encouraged each other to achieve their healthy goals, despite it sometimes being hard. Many messages were in other languages, reflecting just how universal being motivated can be.

As the campaign transcends geographical barriers and inspires people around the world to support healthy decisions, next week will cheer on more purposeful and enduring messages of encouragement in support of #GetFit.