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Week 4 Roundup of #GetFit, Sport Without Limits!

The campaign continues to grow through social media positive feedback and people spreading the word: #GetFit now has 9.965 participants in 123 countries around the world.

Hot competition continues to achieve the top positions in the #GetFit campaign leaderboard.  The top three spots have changed completely this week: S. Marshall Poindexter (@mpoindexter), who was in third place last week, has rocketed to the top place with 1.240 points. He is followed closely by Rodrigo Lemos (@lemoskine), up from last week’s third place to second with 1.200 points. Last week’s champion Conor McKechnie (@cononato) is still strong in the top spots, this week in third place with 930 points.

This week, the group leaderboard has also changed. URP_Korea is still in the top position with a massive 5.685 points, followed by TeamGB with 2.120 points and GEHealthcareCommsUSA with 1.260 points, entering the top three spots for the first time.

This week, the #GetFit campaign included an inspiring breast cancer ambassador from Israel, Ruti Lapidot (add hyperlink to article), who sees herself as a winner for having overcome disease, hoping that more people will be inspired to take up sport as part of their daily routine. Readers also got a musical treat from professional sport motivator João Rodrigues (add hyperlink to article), a gym instructor who inspires all the people who come to his classes to surpass their own expectations on a daily basis.

These people’s story motivates many other people to take that extra step towards healthy living, something which has been shown throughout the #GetFit campaign.