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Week 5 #GetFit Roundup: International Fight for Health!

It’s been a busy week for the #GetFit campaign, reaching Asia through the Korea, Indonesia, China and Japan ambassadors. This week’s #GetFit campaign has reached many users in Weibo, one of the most popular social media sites in China and has stayed strong in 123 countries around the world.  

The campaign’s impact around the world is led by the US in top place with over 18786 visits, followed by the UK (4.418), France (1,738) and India (1.692). Twitter users have continued backing the exercise and healthy eating campaign, with 5.270 tweets added to the campaign’s overall impact, which has already reached over 22.000 tweets since the beginning of #GetFit.

In the #GetFit Challenge leaderboards, each week is an adventure. This week, heavyweight champion S. Marshall Poindexter (@mpoindexter) has stayed strong in first place with 1.720 points. 

In the group healthy race, URP_Korea is still a strong contender in top place with 6.725 points this week, followed by TeamGB in second place with 2.160 points and GEHealthcareCommsinUSA in third position with 1.740 points. The teams and individual players have been spreading their healthy habits and encouraging many others to do the same.

Some of the most inspiring tweets this week came from followers that are challenging themselves and sharing their experience with other users: @LittleRoush says: “I am challenging myself to only eat fruit n veggies for 2 days. #getfit”. @Kirsty_xo says: “Walk 50 minutes to work, 6 hour shift on my feet, 50 minute walk home, 45 minutes of bokwa, 15 minutes of hardcore toning! Woooop! #GetFit.”

This week has also been full of inspiring stories on overcoming disease, getting rid of bad and unhealthy habits to lead a better life, and overcoming physical obstacles. The astounding stories of ambassadors like Sean Swarner or Choon-Sook Park are helping to keep the message alive, and to show that regardless of age, ethnicity or location, ordinary people around the world can show extraordinary courage when fighting disease. They too are helping to spread their personal message through social media platforms, hoping that even more people will join

The #GetFit Pinterest board is a good way to meet all the #GetFit ambassadors, as well as reading the GE Healthcare Newsroom Ambassador Stories. This week will see the campaign travel through Oceania and cross the entire world to end its journey in Europe.