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Week 6 #GetFit Roundup: The Finish Line!

One campaign. 123 countries. 12,345 participants. 15 ambassadors. Countless inspiration. We have reached the finish line, with astounding results.

In the last week of the #GetFit challenge, the leaderboard has shown the overall winners of the individual and group top positions. The number one spot for #GetFit gold was achieved by Marshall Poindexter, USA, (@mpoindexter) with 2260 points, making him the #GetFit champion!

The silver #GetFit medal goes to Midori Kaneko, from Japan, (@jazzy0721) with 2195 points, followed by bronze winner Rodrigo Lemos, Brazil, (@lemoskine) with 1700. Their efforts and all of those who participated in the campaign have helped to inspire countless people, who have started a long lasting healthy lifestyle which will eclipse this campaign.

In the group category, URP_Korea has flattened the competition with an astounding 7525 points, followed by GEHealthcareCommsinUSA with 2280 points and TeamGB in a close third with 2180.

These participants have served as great inspiration to others about how to keep a healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer and have helped to spread the word everywhere through social media platforms.

The campaign is ending on a high note, with incredible feedback and results. All this couldn’t have been possible without the amazing efforts from the campaign ambassadors, who have shown us all their generosity, sharing real and heartfelt sides of their lives to raise awareness, and reach people around the world through this excellent platform. Big thank you to all of them!

We hope that #GetFit has inspired people around the world to kick start their own healthy lifestyles, with long lasting results. Congratulations to all of those who have taken this chance to change their lives for the better!

The challenge isn’t over. Watch this space for more information about the winners and the campaign results. You can also continue sharing and inspiring other people in HealthyShare, creating your own healthy lifestyle and participating in different challenges!