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What is Healthymagination?


Touching Lives: Rosemonde Lesobre, Infant Care manager at GE Healthcare, poses with employees at one of the installation sites in Rwanda.

Healthymagination is GE's initiative centered on achieving improved healthcare for more people at lower cost. Healthymagination will change the way we approach healthcare, with more than 100 innovations focused on addressing three critical needs: lowering costs, increasing access and improving quality of care.

Since the initiative launched in May this year, we have worked with partners around the globe, focusing innovations on four critical needs: accelerating healthcare information technology; developing high-tech products at more affordable price points; broadening access to the underserved; and supporting consumer-driven health.

A great example of where these kinds of initiatives are taking place is at the 10 locations of Collier Health Services in the Naples, Florida area, where GE's Centricity EMRs are giving their patient population, many of whom are migrant farm workers, access to the center's care from multiple locations. Doctors can now see patients while they are in the office or at home just by bringing up their chart through electronic medical records and electronically transmitting prescriptions directly to pharmacies, reducing waiting times dramatically (find out more here

Another interesting project combines capabilities from GE Energy, GE Water Technologies and GE Healthcare to provide sustainable solutions for healthcare improvement in three rural hospitals in Rwanda. GE Healthcare employees, through the Developing Health Globally™ program, installed Maternal-Infant Care and Ultrasound equipment where there was not similar equipment before. The technology helped save a baby's life. Read the story here

We are making healthymagination inherent in our product development. Lowering costs, increasing access and improving the quality of care is our platform driving the design of our products. These key themes form the framework of how we do business.

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Watch the video for more about GE's visions for healthymagination and product development.