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Why Pediatricians of the Future May Know Code


Only three percent of radiologists are experts in reading pediatric MRI scans, often leaving children outside of major metropolitan areas at greater risk of misdiagnoses. Enter the algorithm.

When a young child shows signs and symptoms of developmental delay, among the many tests they receive is a brain scan called an MRI.

In the U.S., one in six kids has some sort of neurological delay. Of those, 650,000 of them may undergo an MRI, yet only about three percent of radiologists specialize in pediatric neuroradiology. Within that three percent, most of these experts tend to work in major metropolitan hospitals. For children who live in rural communities and need an MRI, diagnostic decisions are left to general practitioners and radiologists who may be unfamiliar with detecting signs and symptoms of abnormalities. That’s because abnormalities appear much differently on a brain scan of a child than they do on an adult.

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