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GE Healthcare Announces the Winners of the 2011 IN Cell Analyzer Image Competition

GE Healthcare Life Sciences today announced the winners of 2011 IN Cell Analyzer Image Competition. Geoffrey Grandjean from the United States, Marie Neguembor from Italy, and Lesley Caron from Australia, each took first place in a regional category. More than 8,000 votes were cast on 30 shortlisted entries, all of which were acquired using an IN Cell Analyzer system.

Dr Amr Abid, General Manager of Cell Technologies, GE Healthcare Life Sciences, said “Every year we receive entries which are visually stunning and artistic but, importantly, also feature data generated at the forefront of research and development. This competition showcases both the cellular imaging capabilities of the IN Cell Analyzer systems and the inherent beauty of science.”


Winning image 2011 for the Americas from Geoffrey Grandjean, MD Anderson Cancer Center, United States – Description: Human ovarian cancer cells stained for DNA (red) and microtubules (green). Therapeutic focus: Cancer therapeutic target identification


Winning image 2011 for Asia/Rest of World from Lesley Caron, Genea, Australia – Description: Vascular smooth muscle cells differentiated from human embryonic stem cells stained for DNA (blue) and the smooth muscle markers Smoothelin (red) and Caldesmon (green). Therapeutic focus: Inheritable muscle disease research


Winning image 2011 for Europe from Marie Neguembor, ALEMBIC-San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Italy – Description: Myoblast stained for DNA (blue), Myosin heavy chain (green) and methylated Histone H4 (red).  Therapeutic focus: Molecular Biology-Cell differentiation studies